Meet Astralis

Meet the stars of Astralis at Gamebox Festival

Astralis will be at Gamebox Festival 2024

With 4 world championships (majors), 24 titles in the biggest tournaments, and a record-breaking time at the top of the world rankings, Astralis is the most successful team in Counter-Strike history.
Now you have a unique opportunity to meet players from the Astralis teams when they visit Gamebox Festival.

Meet Astralis i Hall M.

Meet Astralis at Gamebox

Meet Astralis at Gamebox, Herning

Meet Astralis at Gamebox, Denmark

Meet Astralis at Gamebox, DK

The Astralis programme will be announced closer to Gamebox Festival.

Meet Astralis in Herning at Gamebox Festival

Meet Astralis in Denmark at Gamebox Festival

Meet Astralis at their stand at Gamebox

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