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DIF continues as supporting partner at Gamebox Festival. DIF is aware of the growing interest in gaming, esports and the digital communities that can arise in these relationships. DIF wants to strengthen the opportunities for the link between esports, sport and movement. In relation to esports, DIF has two focus areas:

  1. Sport games
  2. Healthy environments and communities

At Gamebox Festival 2023 you could meet DBU (the Danish Football Association) and the Danish Shooting Union. See more from their activities further down the page.

The Gamebox Festival programme for DIF's national sports associations TBA

The programme will be announced closer to Gamebox Festival.

DBU eFootball at Gamebox Festival 2023

At Gamebox Festival 2023, DBU eFootball had an activity area in collaboration with DIF where you could test your FIFA skills. 

There was also the opportunity to learn more about FIFA, eFootball and what it's like to be a professional FIFA player.

If you didn't feel ready to test your skills against some of the best Danish FIFA players, you could also play against your friends, where DBU eFootball helped create a lot of fun FIFA activities. 

In addition, there were plenty of cool competitions.

The DBU eFootball activity area at Gamebox

The DBU eScoccer activity area at Gamebox

Experience FIFA and efootball at DIF at the Gamebox

Try eSoccer at DIF Esport at Gamebox

Experience the atmosphere
at the stand in 2023

The DBU ePokal was decided at Gamebox Festival 2023.

The Danish Shooting Union and ShootAthlon at Gamebox Festival 2023

A new active shooting sport with laser weapons, obstacle courses, speed, technique and focus was showcased at Gamebox Festival 2023. You could test yourself and/or compete with mates to be the best and fastest in the ShootAthlon arena, which was set up by the Danish Shooting Union as part of DIF's area at the festival.

ShootAthlon is a new sport being developed by the Danish Shooting Union, where you shoot both laser rifles and pistols at electronic targets while completing an obstacle course. The new sport will help develop and showcase the shooting sport. At the same time, ShootAthlon will hopefully create new talents with an interest in the many disciplines of shooting sports. Including Olympic shooting, where Denmark is at the forefront of the world elite.

Focus on sports games at DIF Esport at Gamebox

DIF esport combines gaming and movement at Gamebox

DIF combines esports, gaming and movement for Gamebox

DIF activities at Gamebox Festival

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