Danish Game Awards at
Gamebox Festival

We celebrate the Danish gaming world

At Gamebox Festival, we embrace everything within gaming, esports and related fan culture. Therefore, it was obvious that the Danish Game Awards should make a comeback here. And in 2025 we repeat the success. 

The Danish Game Awards focus on and honour the Danish gaming industry. DGA wants to celebrate gaming and not least the players who make an effort in and around electronic games in Denmark. Awards will be handed out in various categories.

Awards at Danish Game Awards

YouTube Gamer of the Year: RoastedToast

Twitch Gamer of the Year: Søndergaard

Family Friendly Gamer of the Year: Lasse Vestergaard

E-sports star of the year: Th0masHD

E-sports organisation of the year: Sørby Esport

Danish game studio of the year: Triband

Enthusiast of the year: Jaxstyle

Moment of the year: Wonderbai aka Jens Sætter Lassen

Danish Game Awards afholdes til Gamebox Festival

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