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Immerse yourself in a weekend of non-stop gaming and socialising. You can look forward to competing in a variety of tournaments and social activities. Everyone is welcome at the LAN party. Young and old can become part of the community. With a LAN ticket, you are guaranteed a lot of fun, a good atmosphere and gaming combined with the many activities at the festival area of Gamebox Festival.

NPH (NetParty Herning) is our partner in the LAN area at Gamebox Festival. NPH has extensive experience with LAN from their own LAN events. They will also be organising many fun activities.

To participate in our LAN, you need to bring your own computer or console and the games you plan to play. The computer must be "running smoothly" and be able to connect to the network via cable. 

The typical LAN spot is approx. 90x75 cm. For Gamebox Festival, you can enjoy a space of approx. 120x80 cm. 

The LAN ticket also includes a sleeping spot, so you can take a rest if you get tired.

As a participant, we expect you to be able to take care of yourself or be accompanied by someone who can. For example, a parent or older sibling.

Partner on Gamebox Festival LAN:

NPH er partner på Gamebox Festival LAN

Technical Partner on Gamebox Festival LAN:

DLX er Technical Partner på Gamebox Festival LAN

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