eSportliga LAN and championships

Experience a huge LAN, league and Danish championships at Gamebox Festival




League of Legends

Championships of the eSportliga and DM

Here you can compete in well-known game titles such as Counter-Strike, Fortnite and League of Legends. There are plenty of opportunities to be part of the community and meet like-minded gaming enthusiasts.

There will be various activities and competitions throughout the weekend, so you can look forward to a fantastic event where a lot of players, teams, coaches, managers, etc. from near and far come together for a great weekend!

Read more about the championships on the eSportliga website

Esport league finals at Gamebox in Herning

Esport league championships at Gamebox in Herning

Esport league team finals at Gamebox in Herning

Esport league team championships at Gamebox in Herning

Programme TBA

The league and championship programme will be announced as we get closer to Gamebox Festival 2024.

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