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On this page you can read about DGI's activities on the stand at Gamebox Festival 2024. We look forward to seeing what they come up with for 2025.

At Gamebox Festival 2 different esports organisations, which are members of DGI, will have their own activity area. Look forward to meeting Espergærde Esport and Danish Xbox League. Both organisations focus on activities that children and parents can compete with and against each other in.

All experience in DGI shows that playing esports in an association provides extremely positive experiences for both children, young people and their parents. It creates better cohesion, gives parents insight and understanding of their children's world and thereby a better framework, greater respect and increased well-being both at home, at school and out among others.

There's plenty to challenge each other for children and parents, young and old, friends and acquaintances. So what are you waiting for? Come by and be challenged and experience the joy of movement and community at 2 strong DGI associations. Read more about the organisations below.

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Fun activities at DGI Esport at Gamebox

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Meet DGI Esport at Gamebox Festival

Espergærde Esport turns out in force!

Almost the entire association is gathered for the Gamebox Festival when the up-and-coming grassroots organisation Espergærde Esport shows up with teams for the championships in Hall K, but also with the opportunity to meet parents, coaches and esports athletes in their activity area in Hall L.

At Espergærde Esport, you can have an unforgettable Fortnite experience! Whether you're an experienced player or a curious beginner, you're invited to dive into exciting competitions on state-of-the-art computers, where cool prizes await the most skilled competitors. While the excitement unfolds, you can follow the tournaments in the cosy lounge area specially designed for parents.

It's a unique chance to explore what esports really entails and gain insight into the life of an esports athlete. Espergærde's friendly and competent coaches, board members and other parents are ready to share their experiences and answer all your questions. Bring the family and experience the community and excitement of esports.

Meet one of DGI's esports organisations at Gamebox

Xbox and active fights

Did you know that Denmark has an association 100% dedicated to the Xbox console? The Danish Xbox League is an organisation that has many online members who meet several times a year at the organisation's LAN events in Fredericia. In addition, they are active both by going out to events with their Xbox setup but also with more physical activities such as Jabii.

At the Danish Xbox League, you can try your hand at various popular Xbox game titles, such as Halo, but also take part in the digital fight in Street Fighter on the big screen and with a customised joystick. If you're more into physical fighting, the safe choice is Jabii. Here you are equipped with a boxing arm that holds back the force of the punch when it hits, so you don't feel it in the same way, but still get your heart rate up and sweat on your forehead.

Meet one of DGI's esports organisations at Gamebox

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