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Past and present merge at Ungdomsringen & UngHerning's stand at Gamebox Festival

Coding and programming

Just Dance

Arcade machines

Travel in time with Ungdomsringen & UngHerning

At Gamebox Festival, you have the opportunity to travel back to the past, where the first video games came into fashion. You can test your skills and break records when UngHerning brings arcade machines with the best games from the past!

If you'd rather stay in the present, there are plenty of options for that too. In Ungdomsringen & UngHerning's activity area, you can try your hand at both VR glasses and various PS5 games. A FIFA match takes longer than a minigame on AirConsole, but both are possible to compete in at the stand. New for 2023, there was also the opportunity to play Rocket League both digitally and in a live version!

You can also get your heart rate up and test your own physique by competing with your friends in the reaction game Slappuk or give it your all in Just Dance on the big screen.

Should you want to jump to the future and learn more about coding and programming, this is also possible. There's room for both beginners and experts.

VR at Ungdomsringen and UngHerning at Gamebox

Fun activities at Ungdomsringen and UngHerning

Dance games at Ungdomsringen and UngHerning at Gamebox

Ungdomsringen and UngHerning's stand at Gamebox

The Gamebox Festival programme for UngHerning & Ungdomsringen TBA

The programme will be announced closer to Gamebox Festival.

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