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What is cosplay?

Cosplay is a creative and vibrant subculture of dressing up as your favourite characters from games, comics, movies, TV shows and more. The word "cosplay" itself is a fusion of "costume" and "play", and that's exactly what it's all about: donning costumes and immersing yourself in the role of your favourite characters. From exact replicas to imaginative variations, cosplayers are dedicated to bringing these characters to life.

Cosplay could almost be called the ultimate expression of fan culture. It also creates a sense of community between cosplayers - both through the love of the characters and the craft of making their own costumes.

In the cosplay area you will also find a photo studio where you can have your cosplay photos taken.

The cosplay area is created in collaboration with:

Gamebox Festival partner: Cosplay Aarhus

Gamebox Festival partner: Warcrafters

Cosplay at Gamebox Festival in Herning, Denmark

Gamebox cosplay competition

Gamebox: cosplay competition

Meet Cosplay Aarhus at Gamebox Festival

Follow them through their website, Facebook and Instagram.


What is  Cosplay Aarhus?

Cosplay Aarhus is a new association whi wants to bring more cosplay to Aarhus and the surrounding area. 

Their goal is to make it possible for young people in particular to pursue geeky hobbies and activities within cosplay and other fan cultures with like-minded people in a local community. Cosplay Aarhus wants to create a safe environment where you can experiment and develop creative skills and share your passion in the community.

Cosplay Aarhus' future visions

Their biggest dream is a permanent space in Aarhus. This could be used for a small cosplay workshop, social activities and just having a cool meeting place for members. 
During 2024, they will start a series of one-day events, including panels, workshops, quizzes, a pop-up Maidcafé, or cosy movie and board game nights. 

Cosplay activity at Gamebox in Denmark

Cosplay activity at Gamebox Festival

Meet Warcrafters again at Gamebox Festival

Explore Warcrafters' beautiful exhibition of cosplay with costumes and props. 

Warcrafters consists of 8 Danish cosplayers who share a passion for World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games. Their goal is to create a new dimension at events like Gamebox Festival, where people of all ages and interests can come and be entertained and impressed. Although their theme is "Blizzard", you don't need to be familiar with the games and universes to enjoy the beautiful creations!

Follow them on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

Gamebox Festival: cosplayer

Gamebox Festival: cosplay area

Gamebox Festival: cosplay exhibition

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