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19 - 21 April 2024

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Increase your visibility

Be visible either with an active stand at Gamebox Festival in the festival area or utilise one of the many other exciting branding opportunities.

Build a good brand relationship

By activating your brand on a stand at Gamebox Festival, the more than 23,000 guests will have the opportunity to interact with your brand and create both great experiences but also positive association with your brand.

Connect directly with an attractive target group

In just three days, you'll reach a large customer base. You get the opportunity to present who you are, what you can do and what you offer.

How you can join as a partner

Active stand in the festival area

Take your partnership at Gamebox Festival to the high level with an active stand in the festival area. Create exciting activities that make visitors curious about your brand and strengthen the brand relationship.

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Active stand in the festival area at Gamebox

Visual branding

It is also possible to be a partner at Gamebox Festival without a physical presence with a stand. We offer many different branding options depending on your interests. For example, banners and video spots.

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Get visual branding at Gamebox

Gamebox Festival is Denmark's largest gaming event

- and in 2024 also Denmark's largest LAN (again).

Key numbers from Gamebox Festival 2024:




LAN participants


spectators at Danish Game Awards

Get exposure towards an attractive target group


Visitor rating of Gamebox Festival


Out of 5

Grafisk tegning af et kabel

Visitor rating of Gamebox Festival


Out of 5

Grafisk tegning af et kabel




Influencers and streamers

Grafisk tegning af et kabel

Visitor rating of Gamebox Festival LAN


Out of 5

Grafisk tegning af et kabel

Visitor rating of Gamebox Festival LAN


Out of 5

Partner with Gamebox Festival and get extra branding towards online visitors

With our online marketing tool MCH365, Gamebox Festival partners get a unique profiling opportunity via our website. 

You are assigned a free profile where you can create content galore with specific tools. Tell us about your planned activities and events. 

Be visible to all Gamebox Festival's online guests all year round.

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Digital branding of Gamebox Festival partners

Gamebox Festival has had 13,020,000 paid and organic impressions across all channels.

Let your brand get a share of the spotlight.

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Become partner and book a stand at Gamebox

Together we will find the optimal solution for your brand

The goal is to attract attention to your stand at Gamebox Festival and your brand.

Whether you need advice and guidance or help designing your stand, we're here to help you every step of the way.

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Example of a stand at Gamebox Festival
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Branding opportunities

Are you curious to learn more about the different branding options and prices?

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Possibilities include banners at the main entrance to Gamebox Festival, in the halls/festival area and in the LAN area.

Branding via banners at Gamebox Festival


Promote your brand via video spots with a duration of 15-30 seconds. The videos will be played during all breaks on the Main Stage. Video is also available in the LAN halls. 

Branding via video spots at Gamebox Festival


There are plenty of exposure opportunities in regards to LAN. There are possibilities for banners, sponsoring rows, handing out gifts to LAN participants and becoming a prize sponsor.

Branding opportunities in the Gamebox LAN halls

Gamebox Masters

Become a tournament sponsor: "Gamebox Masters partnered by X" or get logo exposure on the livestream during Gamebox Invitational - our big Counter-Strike tournament.

Sponsor Gamebox Invitational

Other branding opportunities

Streamer area

Get your logo on the back wall and get exposure when streamers and youtubers broadcast live from Gamebox Festival.

Meet n’ Greet

Get your logo on the photo wall in the Meet n' Greet area, where big stars stop by to sign autographs and take photos with fans. 

VIP Lounge

Become a sponsor of the VIP lounge. There are many different options - contact us for more information.

Rest areas

Become a sponsor at one or more of the rest areas in the festival area, where parents, among others, sit and relax. 


Hand out samples or tasters of your product to the many visitors or LAN participants.

Who have been partners at Gamebox Festival?
Meet 3 of them here.

”It has exceeded all expectations and we have enjoyed meeting our users in real life and making new friends.
It's been amazing to see how much support there is for Ultra Gaming, how dedicated the kids are and how much they love Sigge and Maria. It's been really cool to bring the two of them to life off-screen, and meeting so many people has made an insanely strong impression on them.
Gamebox Festival and DR's Ultra Gaming are an insanely good match. Ultra Gaming hits directly into the target group that comes to a festival like this, and it makes me really happy and proud that DR also has something for that target group - and that many people have come to meet Sigge and Maria.
Gamebox Festival is the right place for us to do this - so we hope to remain a part of the festival, and we already have a lot of ideas on how we can make it even cooler."

- Thit Dyreberg Haldrup, senior project manager at DR Sales

Partner of the Gamebox Festival gaming event

"The days have been fantastic and it's been great to meet so many happy visitors.
Our store has been packed with excited people, and it's been great to see how our entrance with 3.5 tonnes of LED screens has been shared on social media and how people have enjoyed winning prizes and playing in the different areas of the store.
It's extremely important for us to be a part of Gamebox Festival - also because it's really the only major gaming event in Denmark. Gamebox Festival both informs and shows what gaming and esports can do, and we really, really want to support this and continue to be a part of it in the years to come.
Gamebox Festival is by far our biggest and most important event of the year."

- Casper Mortensen, assistant sales manager at Elgiganten

Main Partner at Gamebox Festival

There are plenty of reasons to partner with Gamebox Festival.
See five of them here. 

5 good reasons to become a partner

Be part of Gamebox Festival

Contact us for a no-obligation chat about the possibilities of becoming a partner at Gamebox Festival. We customise solutions to suit you and your brand. 

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