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17 January 2024

We're expanding the Gamebox universe with an exciting and inspiring addition: Artist Alley.

Gamebox Festival has previously delivered an abundance of exciting experiences within gaming and esports. With the introduction of Artist Alley, we want to broaden the focus and make room for the artists who create visual magic outside the virtual confines of the game. These artists are typically inspired by games, film and other visual media.

You'll find Artist Alley in our expanded fan culture area, located in Hall L. Here, artists can display and sell their unique work. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with the artists, hear about their creative process and of course buy some of the amazing artworks as souvenirs from the festival. Artist Alley will include a wide spectrum of art forms, including illustrations, digital artworks, pins, stickers and more. Visitors are encouraged to visit Artist Alley to support artists and discover the visual beauty that can emerge from the gaming world.

"We are thrilled to introduce Artist Alley to Gamebox Festival this year. We want to celebrate the incredible creativity that artists bring to the table and give our visitors the opportunity to experience and acquire unique works of art. With this new addition, Gamebox Festival is ready to deliver an even more impressive and diverse experience for all gaming enthusiasts out there," says Anders With Thybo, Project Coordinator at Gamebox Festival, who is looking forward to seeing how visitors will respond to the new initiative.

Gamebox Artist Alley is a great opportunity for artists to reach a new audience. Many artists create work on a hobby level, while others may dream of making a living from it.

If you are interested in getting a spot as an artist in Artist Alley, you can read more at